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Do your gums ever bleed?
Do you have any missing teeth?
Are you concerned about the appearance of your smile?
Have you noticed your teeth getting shorter?
Have you noticed your teeth getting darker?
Do you like the alignment of your teeth?
Do you have fillings in your back teeth?
Are you happy with the colour of your fillings?
Do you play any contact sport?
Does your breath have an odour?
Are you ever sleepy during the day?
Do you snore at night?
Are you confident to smile?

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Headache? Your teeth could be the root cause!

Many people live with head, neck and back problems through undiagnosed problems of the jaw joint.

As a BioPAK centre, we provide a comprehensive diagnosis process enabling us to identify the cause of any jaw joint problems and offer successful treatment.

Find out more about our weekly BioPAK™ Clinic


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