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Implants replace missing teeth, improve your appearance and allow you to eat and speak normally. Other people will not be able to tell that you have implants once they have been placed and successfully integrated with your existing teeth and gums.

Dental implants are suitable for people with healthy gums and enough jaw bone to support the implant posts and replacement teeth although bone grafting can be carried out where the underlying structure of the jaw has degenerated to the extent that an implant cannot be supported.

Good oral hygiene and regular checkups are essential after having implants to maintain them as you would normal teeth.

Fitting implants involves two or more sessions of surgery over a period of several months. Following a detailed initial consultation with one of experienced cosmetic dentists, you will undergo a small surgical procedure to prepare the jaw for the insertion of the implant. This is a titanium rod that is very strong and proven to integrate well with the natural bone of the jaw and which forms the foundation for the placement of an abutment (or support collar) and the dental crown.

A period of 3 - 6 months is usually required for the titanium rod to fully fuse with the jaw bone - this process is known as osseo-integration. During this transition period, temporary crowns may be fitted. Once the implants are fully integrated, you will be invited back to the surgery to have the dental crowns fitted. The implant is now complete and acts as a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing replacement for the original tooth!

Dental Implants can be used singly, in multiples or in conjunction with veneers and teeth whitening to form a full smile-makeover.

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