Dental Veneers

Repair cracked and stained teeth in Derby

The team of cosmetic dentists at Allenton Dental in Derby are trained to place dental veneers to mask significant teeth defects like cracking and deep staining. You may have heard the term "Hollywood Smile" where veneers, amongst other techniques are used to create bright new smiles from teeth which were previously in very poor condition.

A dental veneer can be considered to be similar to a false nail but much thinner and more precisely placed. Typically made from porcelain, the veneer is fitted to the forward facing part of the tooth and once firmly positioned functions as a natural tooth would. Single veneers can be placed or in multiples as part of full "smile makeovers".

The process of placing a dental veneer is partially invasive in that a very small layer of tooth material has to be shaved from the underlying surface of the tooth to accommodate the new porcelain layer - without this the veneer would protrude and look unsightly. Following the tooth profiling, an exact copy of the tooth surface is created and sent to the dental laboratory for the veneers to be matched and constructed. During this process, the patient may be asked to wear temporary veneers.

On the return visit, the previously prepared surface of the tooth is made ready to accept the final veneer. This is attached using a special dental bonding agent which ensures that the veneer should remain attached and functional for up to ten years.

At Allenton Dental in Derby, Dr Rakshit is particularly diligent with assessing the "bite" of the patient to ensure that any dental restoration that is placed is positioned correctly. Particularly with veneers, if this is not done, then the misplaced biting forces can cause the veneers to displace and possibly shear.

If you are looking for affordable dental veneers in Derby, please contact the experienced cosmetic dentistry team at Allenton Dental and we will be pleased to assist.

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Cosmetic dentistry refers to a range of dental techniques that can be used individually or or together to repair broken, stained or chipped teeth.

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