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A bridge fixes a replacement tooth (or teeth) to your natural teeth on either side of a gap.

Fixed bridges improve the way you look, bite, chew and speak. And as we match their colour to your own teeth, no-one will know that you have missing teeth.

Dental bridges are made of metal and porcelain or sometimes just porcelain. They can last many years, if you keep them clean and if there is no accidental damage.

An alternative to a bridge is a removable partial denture. We will explain the differences to you and recommend the most suitable option for you. For example, we often suggest dentures when the supporting teeth may not be strong enough to support a bridge.

If you have just had some teeth taken out, we may make a denture first, and fit a bridge later when your gums have healed.

There are several stages in making a bridge. First we use a soft, mouldable material to take impressions of your mouth to make exact plaster models of your upper and lower teeth and gums, these show how your teeth bite together.

We prepare the teeth which will support the dental bridge.

Another impression is taken of your mouth, and a dental technician uses this to make your bridge. A temporary plastic bridge or temporary crown may be fitted in the meantime.

On your final visit to our dentist in Derby we will check that your bridge fits properly, making any necessary minor adjustments and fixing it permanently in place. We will then show you the best way to keep your new bridge clean.

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