Invisible Braces

Clear braces for adults and teenagers in Derby

Traditional wired braces have largely been replaced by modern invisible or clear braces. These are far more comfortable than the traditional variety and also more acceptable to the wearer in that, as their name suggests, they are nearly invisible unless viewed close-up.

Braces used to be associated with the younger generation but because of the recent advances in comfort and aesthetics, more and more adults are also turning to invisible braces to correct misaligned or crooked teeth. The correction process may take longer in adults than in children where the teeth and gums are still being formed, but the process is still effective in most cases.

The process of correcting misaligned teeth is called orthodontics and at Allenton Dental in Derby we provide several techniques, including the manufacture of our own aligners for teeth straightening.

Orthodontic procedures take several forms but one of the most popular is the use of "aligners" to straighten teeth. There are a number of brands of aligner including the famous "Inman" version but at Allenton Dental in Derby we have received training in the manufacture of our own aligners - equally effective but far less costly.

The process begins with our experienced dentist making a detailed profile of your teeth and calculating how they need to be re-positioned to improve your smile. We then manufacture a set of clear aligners that are designed to gradually apply pressure to the teeth and push them back to the desired position. Every couple of weeks you revisit us to have a different set of aligners applied as the tooth movement progresses.

The process can take varying lengths of time, typically several months in children where teeth can be adjusted quite quickly as they develop, but potentially longer in adults.

Once the process is complete, in some cases a "retainer" is needed which is typically worn at night and prevents the teeth from moving back to their original position.

If you are looking for affordable invisible braces for straightening teeth in Derby, please contact Allenton Dental to arrange a consultation and we'll be pleased to assist.

We also offer Fast Braces as a treatment option.

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