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Do you grind your teeth or suffer from headaches? Discover how Allenton Dental can help!

Do you suffer from constant ringing in your ears?  If this is joined by painful headaches, jaw ache, ear ache and muscle pain in your facial muscles then this can be helped or at least reduced. Tinnitus refers to the … Continue reading

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What is a soft tissue examination?

At Allenton Dental, our checkups are a thorough examination of the entire mouth. It does not end at the teeth. We include the gums and the soft tissues around the mouth. The soft tissues in some respects are the most … Continue reading

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Dental Occlusion > Sanjoy Rakshit of Allenton Dental travels to Vienna for occlusion course

At Allenton Dental, furthering our education and knowledge is vital to maintain and improve the standard of dentistry we provide. This is why Mr Rakshit is off on another prestigious course in Vienna. This time he will be learning even … Continue reading

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