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Unfortunately many people suffer from missing teeth, whether it’s a single tooth, many or all of their teeth. Fortunately at Allenton Dental in Derby we offer a wide range of treatment options to replace these missing teeth, including different designs of fixed bridges, which attach to the teeth next door, or removable plastic or metal-based dentures. These may suit some people, but people often struggle with these options. Often a dental Implant is more suitable.

To fix a bridge to the next door tooth or teeth, these teeth have to be either adjusted or drilled down, which may lead to problems in future years. Removable Dentures may feel loose, uncomfortable and bulky, which can in some instances lead to awkward and embarrassing situations, especially whilst eating.

Dental implants are the latest option for replacing single, multiple or all missing teeth. A dental implant is titanium, screw-shaped attachment that is painlessly placed into the jawbone to replace the root portion of a missing tooth. This can then be used to support a crown for a single missing tooth, or it can be used together with other implants to support bridges or dentures to firmly replace multiple missing teeth.

Implants are therefore able to be used in a variety of different clinical situations and unlike with a bridge, no drilling of next door teeth is required.

Implant-supported dentures are very secure, lifelike, comfortable and not at all bulky. Implant retained dentures can therefore help restore chewing function, improve any denture induced speech problems and generally solve most of the problems associated with normal dentures.

Careful attention to detail can usually ensure that dental implant retained crowns, bridges or dentures can hardly be distinguished from natural teeth will improve your smile and confidence.

The surgery to place dental implants can be easily carried out under local anesthetic at Allenton Dental, and although there may be some minor swelling/pain the day after, most patients feel very little discomfort after treatment.

Good aftercare is an essential aspect of any implant treatment, and yearly reviews with Sanjoy Rakshit our implant dentist are important. With regular monitoring and maintenance of the implants they should last for many years.

If you would like to know more then please do not hesitate to contact us. For a limited time we are offering free initial consultations for implants and cosmetic treatment. We also have the facility to offer 0% finance and low cost payment plans.

Book an appointment today to discover what Allenton Dental can do to give you a beautiful, confident smile!

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