Derby Bio-PAK centre – Bite Balance and Timing

Bite Balance & Timing Screening at Derby’s only Bio-PAK centre

Dental occlusion is the way your teeth meet when you bite together, chew and swallow. All teeth should come into contact with one another simultaneously with minimal force. As you chew and move your jaw around your back teeth should not touch.

When this does not happen, your occlusion is unbalanced and as a result you may experience: Muscle tention in the face and neck, Jaw joint pain, Sensitive teeth, Damged restorations and even cause teeth to become loose.

At Allenton Dental our dental surgeons will ask you to bite onto a thin sensor, this is called a T-Scan, to measure how your teeth contact each other and how much force you put on each individual tooth. Once all the data has been collected one of the dental nurses at Allenton Dental processes a report for the patients dentist. The information from the report is then used to discuss the range of treatment options to help relieve symptoms.

This screening is also important when we are doing exstensive treatments such as Dental Implants and Full Smile Makeovers. This is to ensure the patients occlusion is correct to gain the best and most comfortable outcome. Being the only Bio-PAK centre in the East Midlands this makes Allenton Dental the only dental practice to provide this service in Derby.

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