Full Mouth Dental reconstruction in Allenton Derby.

Allenton Dental: All Smiles full mouth reconstruction in Derby!

Here at Allenton dental we understand that having a great smile helps with your confidence. We offer full mouth reconstructions here at Allenton dental in derby. We offer a wide range of services to suit the individual depending on what they want to achieve and how much their budget is.  A full mouth reconstruction involves an initial assessment where we would take models and photos, and this allows us to have a look at the individual’s teeth and mouth, and format a treatment plan that would be suitable for them with regards to what they would like the finished result to be. By doing this it allows us to give the patient an idea of timescales and costs. When the patient has decided on what treatment they would like, we do a wax up of their teeth; this allows the patients to see what the finished result would look like before the treatment goes ahead. If the patient is not happy then we alter the wax up until they are. When they are happy we transfer the work into the patient’s mouth and allow the patient to walk around with temporary work for about 1 week. This allows the patient to show family and friends and get other people’s opinions, and let us know if they would like anything changing before we make the permanent dental restorations. Not all full mouth reconstructions involve crowns, veneers or bridges they sometimes involve orthodontics, implants, composite fillings and teeth whitening which we also offer here at Allenton Dental in derby.

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