Get the ‘Hollywood’ smile at Allenton Dental: Derbyshire

Would you like to improve the appearance of your smile? The results are closer than you think. Allenton Dental in Derby can provide you with that Hollywood smile that you are after in less time than you think.  We offer many different treatment plans tailored to each individual patient. The cosmetic dentistry we provide can include crowns, onlays, composite fillings, bridges, veneers, implants or whitening or in bigger cases we can also provide orthodontics using both metal braces (train tracks) or Clear Aligner, Invisable braces!

We have completed and improved the smiles of many of our patients who have been delighted with the results from minor restorations of chips and cracks to full mouth reconstructions which involve a large amount of dedication from our dental team to provide the best and most visibly pleasing results.

Having a smile makeover has increased our patient’s confidence. We have had patients who have been afraid of smiling previous to their treatment and in the final stages cannot stop smiling. Their friends notice a change not only in their appearance but also in their attitude to life. This sort of treatment isn’t only for the younger generation. We have had patients in their 80’s who have had  full cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile.

Some dentists when carrying out cosmetic work have a tendency to concentrate fully on the appearance of their patients teeth and can sometimes lack the knowledge to complete work which is also functionally sound. With all our work cosmetic and other, we ensure that a full function test is carried out before the work is completed in the mouth in order to ensure that our patients have full and better chewing ability. There are several cases where our patients have had difficulty chewing due to missing teeth or a misplaced bite and this can be rectified by our great team or dentists who continually attend courses to improve their knowledge and abilities.

If you would like to discuss your own teeth and the possibility of having a full cosmetic make over or  having any of the stages mentioned above then please feel free to contact us at Allenton Dental on 01332 700244 for more information and/or a consultation with one of our dentists.

While not everyone is born with a naturally beautiful smile, we all deserve one.

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