Derby Dentist, Allenton Dental; Dentures are not always the answer!

At Allenton Dental we have started to notice the amount of patients new and old who come in and want to discuss having all their teeth removed and replaced with dentures. We have decided to make people aware that this is not always the best option or the easiest as people think. It is always a better solution to keep your own natural teeth as no kind of dentistry can replace what we are born with. As our principal dentist Mr. Rakshit always says “the best kind of dentistry is no dentistry” and he is completely right. A tooth is never as strong after it has been filled so preventative measures of much more effective than you think.

It is often people with partial dentures who want to opt for full dentures but we have to explain that whilst some of the natural teeth are present, this prevents the denture rocking about in the mouth and provides a better amount of stability and comfortable fit. Without these teeth remaining the denture has nothing to rest on and as the gum shrinks, the denture can become loose and move up and down and side to side in the mouth causing terrible problems when talking or eating especially the older the patient gets, the harder it is to get used to.

Another reason that we have heard for having all teeth removed is to save money by not having fillings etc. We have to make our patients aware that dentures can become quite expensive; especially for a good one and that they will need to be replaced at several points in a lifetime. We also advise those people who want teeth out to be replaced with implants that they are very expensive and now research is coming out to suggest that they don’t last as long as once thought. Some are starting to fail after ten years so that would be the time you would have to consider a denture.

Cost isn’t the only factor when deciding the fate of patients teeth, some patients believe that by  having their teeth out, this  will help them avoid having toothache but we again have to explain that just because the teeth are not present that they will not get pains within the mouth. Having a new denture can have areas that rub, this creates sore areas. There can also be times when old roots can begin to protrude the gum line and become painful. These are some of the reasons we strongly advise people to keep their own teeth and look after what they have.

If you have any of the problems mentioned above and would like to discuss your options with one of our dentist then please feel free to contact us on 01332 700244.

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