All smiles at local Derby schools thanks to Allenton Dental!

At Allenton dental we believe the more you know about your own mouth the easier it is to care for your own needs, this is why we offer treatments like oral hygiene instruction to give you the knowledge to look after your own teeth and prevent gum disease and cavities. There are many adult patients who often express their concerns that they were never told how to brush their teeth and if they were told, they were not told why brushing helps. This is why we are sending a team from our practice to travel to several schools to give the children information on how to keep their teeth clean and the reasons behind brushing.

To make it fun we have invested in some giant puppets with very large teeth to demonstrate the best brushing techniques and are very excited to deliver the information that will be vital to the children growing up and hopefully help them avoid having problems in the future. We are also going to offer dietary advice to children and give leaflets out for them to give to their parent or guardian along with a daily brushing chart to help them get used to brushing twice a day with a sticker as a reward.

A healthy mouth is a clean mouth and this is the aim we have in mind for the children we visit. We know that quite a few children will have to have braces at some point in their lives which can make brushing and keeping the teeth and gums clean more difficult. So we are hoping to provide the knowledge they will be need to ensure a clean and healthy mouth.

If you would like us to visit your child’s school or would like any further information on oral hygiene for adults or children then please contact us at Allenton Dental on 01332 700244.

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