Do you have a fear of the dentist? Allenton Dental can help!

At Allenton Dental we have firsthand experience of how nervous patients can become before a dental appointment even for patients who regularly attend the practice it can be quite a daunting experience so we do our best to ensure that our patients are well looked after throughout their whole experience.

After discussing with our patients the reason they sometimes get nervous we came up with a list of common concerns and decided a strategy to combat each one. The main reasons for phobia of the dentist were bad experiences in the past, we like to make our patients aware of how much things have changed over the years and the improvements that are constantly being made as new techniques are developed. We have increased our check up appointment times to twenty minutes so that issues can be discussed in detail, we find this is a great way of getting to know our patients personally and learning their needs.

There was some concern over unnecessary treatment that had been carried out on patients in the past so on this basis we like to make patients aware that we would never carry out treatment that was unnecessary.  The way in which our treatment works is after a check up if any treatment is required, we take a good amount of time explaining what needs to be done and the best option for the patient. We have also invested in intra oral cameras so we can now take pictures inside the mouth and show the patient exactly what the dentist can see. This enables our patients to make the right decision knowing exactly what the problem is and how this can be rectified. If the patient would prefer not to go ahead with the recommended treatment, there is no pressure; it is down to the patient entirely.

We find the best way to overcome nerves is to discuss the problems and fears we have in order to find a solution. We find another concern that has been raised by nervous patients is the fear of anaesthetic, whether it is the actual needle or the fear of the anaesthetic not working. We have two solutions to this problem, if requested, we have a gel that numbs the area up where the needle goes in, this reduces the sensation and has had great response from patients who have this fear. As for the anaesthetic not working, we always test the area before continuing with work and we also encourage our patients to raise a hand if they have any problems and the treatment will cease until they are comfortable again.

At Allenton Dental we are constantly striving to be the best we can especially when it comes to our patients needs. If you are a nervous patient and would like to discuss any problems regarding your teeth then please feel free to contact Allenton Dental on 01332 700244 and we can discuss your problems confidentially and try to discover the best way to make you comfortable whilst visiting our practice.

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