What is a soft tissue examination?

At Allenton Dental, our checkups are a thorough examination of the entire mouth. It does not end at the teeth. We include the gums and the soft tissues around the mouth. The soft tissues in some respects are the most important part of the mouth to check as these can have the most serious impact on a person’s life without them even noticing.

The things we look out for include-


  •  Pain in the mouth or neck.
  • White and red patches in the mouth and on the tongue and lips.
  • Sores that are present for longer than three weeks which show no signs of healing


We run a referral procedure for anything that the dentist may deem suspicious, which is sent to the maxillofacial department at the Royal Derby Hospital where the problem can be assessed further. Most of the time, the results are negative however if a problem is found then catching it early significantly increases the chance of successful treatment.


If you have any concerns about the appearance of your soft tissues or any other concerns about your oral health then please call us at Allenton Dental on 01332 700244 and we will do our best to help.




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