Allenton Dental: Derby bring revolutionary Denture System from the states!

Are you looking for a new smile for the New Year? Well there are several ways in which Allenton Dental we can help!

Allenton Dental in Derbyshire is currently the only practice in the U.K that offers Turbyfill dentures. This is a special system which has been developed by Mr. Jack Turbyfill, a world renowned denture expert from America.  His system is specifically designed to aid all patients who have teeth missing. There are a whole host of reasons why people choose to replace their dentures. Loss of bone or gum tissue can cause dentures to become loose, making chewing difficult. Other reasons to replace your denture is if becomes worn with age, the older the denture, the more likely the position of where you bite may have changed, again causing problems. Some patients choose to have the Turbyfill system purely to improve their smile without invasive dentistry.  The principal Dentist at Allenton Dental in Derby, Mr. Rakshit was fortunate enough to attend Mr. Jack Turbyfill’s course in Miami, where he was able to learn under the supervision of Mr. Turbyfill himself the techniques needed to create such revolutionary dentures. The difference between this system and the basic system is accuracy. There are initially two sets of dentures made, a diagnostic one and a final one. The impressions taken to mould the denture are placed in the patient’s mouth and left to capture the working motions of the mouth whilst they are eating, chewing and speaking.  This ensures the comfort and appearance of the dentures as they are moulded to the exact proportions of the patient’s mouth.  This eliminates the usual problems you can experience from a new denture such as soreness, irritations, speech limitations or problems eating.

When it comes to the final stages of having the denture fitted, the materials used are just as important as the way it is made. The Turbyfill dentures are made using porcelain rather than the basic plastic material used in standard denture production. There are several benefits to using porcelain, firstly the appearance of porcelain is much more natural than plastic, they are more durable making the denture last a lot longer, and there will be no sound of the dentures clashing together in the mouth which can often cause embarrassment.  

If you feel that Turbyfill dentures are something that you would be interested in or you would like further information then please feel free to contact Allenton Dental on 01332 700244 where the friendly reception staff can arrange a consultation.

Make changing your dentures a luxury not a necessity!

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