Allenton Dental; Derby Dental Nurses travel far and wide to improve their Dental knowledge!

Yet again the dental nurses at Allenton Dental; Derby, have travelled far and wide to experience the best courses that are on offer to them. This time they went to Hull to learn how to take impressions efficiently.  The course was run by Julia Armstrong and Geraldine Birks who are a part of the York and Humber Deanery, who provide the best and most informative courses available

Our nurses spent the day learning the different requirements of impressions taking, the best materials to use and also had hands on experience of taking impressions on each other under the guidance of Simon Bowen, who has been a dental practitioner for over thirty years. He gave the nurses advice on how to gain the best impressions and how to reduce discomfort for patients.

After attending the impressions course our nurses at Allenton Dental; Derbyshire, are now capable of demonstrating the desired skills and knowledge to take impressions ensuring an accurate detailed cast can be made in the laboratory under the prescription of the dentist. This is an ongoing achievement for our nurses who have been gaining experience in practice. This is also beneficial to our dentists who can now refer patients who need impressions to one of the nurses giving them more time for other duties. This in effect is drawing our team together and ensuring that we all have a chance to display the skills that we learn and progress in our careers with the patient’s welfare in mind.

Our nurses are looking forward to attending more courses and are hoping to be able to attend a course on oral hygiene which would enable them to provide our patients with the information they need in regard to keeping their teeth clean. They can also offer advice on diet options which can affect the teeth. We feel this is important to all our patients but in particular we like to give children the information they need on tooth brushing and diet so they grow up knowing exactly how to look after their own teeth and will hopefully grow up needing little or no work.

If you would like any further information on dental nurses or the courses that they attend then please feel free to contact us at Allenton Dental on 01332 700244

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