Become a partner in your dental care at Allenton Dental!

As a practice Allenton Dental is constantly striving to create better quality services for our patients and in order to do this high quality equipment is vital. It is important to us that our patients understand the treatment that is required for themselves and so after some discussion and plenty of patient feedback we have now had intraoral cameras installed.

Our intraoral cameras are a very advanced piece of equipment which will provide our patients with the understanding of the dentist as they will be able to see what they see.  The camera is a small pen sized device which is placed into the mouth to record and monitor the teeth and gums enabling your dental team to give them a walkthrough of what they are doing and lessening the anxiety that can be felt when attending the dentist.

The intraoral cameras are also beneficial to our dentists as they can pick up fractures and caries/decay that are not visible to the naked eye. They can be used to take a movie or a still image in your mouth so we are able to display it on our computer monitors and literally illustrate the treatment needed; the unique liquid lens works much like the human eye, providing clear and crisp images.

The cameras will be a vital tool in our derby dental practice providing patients who are having long term or cosmetic dentistry progress pictures which will be attached to their medical records. These will be great to look at when the work is complete to have a visual album of the great work our professional dentists provide. It may not be appealing to some patients to have a full visual of their own dental problems, however it is important to deal with these problems as soon as they are discovered and using the intraoral camera we can prevent any major treatment that could be needed if the problem is left undetected.

If you feel like you are having  problems or would simply like to experience the tour through your own mouth and would like more information on intraoral cameras, contact Allenton Dental on 01332 700244.

An intraoral camera helps you become a true partner in your dental care.

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