Derby Dentist; Sanjoy Rakshit raising Mouth Cancer Awareness!!

At Allenton Dental we take great pride in our patients well being and at our routine examination we  also include a full examination of the soft tissues which includes checking the cheeks, palate, throat, tongue, floor of the mouth, and lips. The purpose of the soft tissue examination is to detect pathological changes in the tissues that line the inside of the mouth.

While the vast majority of pathology in the mouth is benign, precancerous and cancerous changes in the oral tissues may be found. It is best if detected at an early stage when it can be successfully treated.  The main risk factors involved with mouth cancer are smoking and excessive drinking. Changes in the mouth can also be caused by tongue and cheek biting which can become a more serious problem if left undetected.

Mouth cancer can appear as a painless mouth ulcer that doesn’t heal, it can also appear as a white or red patch again doesn’t heal. We are here to raise awareness for mouth cancer and increase the number of cases of people cured due to catching it early and knowing the signs. If mouth cancer is spotted early, the chances of it being cured are good especially if the ulcer hasn’t had time to increase in size. Too many people come forward to late because they do not visit the dentist on a regular basis.

We are a dedicated team at Allenton Dental and do our best to sponsor all sorts of research into mouth cancer prevention and treatment. This year our principal dentist Mr. Rakshit is taking part in the 10k run at Pride Park, with fellow runner Jon, in order to raise much needed awareness and donations for the Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity, and your support and sponsorship would be much appreciated. You can donate directly to his Virgin Giving page.

If you have any concerns about your own mouth or would like further information on mouth cancer or would like to sponsor Mr Rakshit on his 10k run then please contact us at Allenton Dental on 01332 700244.

The boys in their running outfits as Tooth Faries!!

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