Derby Dentist; Sarah Hassall returning to Allenton Dental after having her baby; Orla Ryan!

We are pleased to announce the return of one of our dentists, Sarah Hassall. She is returning after only four months of maternity leave after the birth of her wonderful daughter Orla Ryan. Sarah will be returning to work on Tuesday 1st of May and is already becoming fully booked with patients eager for her return.

Having a female dentist is very beneficial to Allenton Dental as we feel it gives our patients the choice that often goes overlooked. Going to the dentist can sometimes be a scary experience even for those who attend regularly just for the fear of the unknown so even a simple thing like seeing a lady dentist can ease the fear tremendously. Finding a female dentist in Derby can be a difficult task so we want to make people aware of Sarah and the high standard of work that she provides on a day to day basis. Sarah has been with Allenton Dental for nearly ten years now after graduating at Leeds University. She has a large following of patients who enjoy their trips to the dentist not only for a check up but also a catch up with our friendly team.

 A lot can happen in the six months between appointments and Sarah takes great pleasure in getting to know new patients and catching up with her regular patients from Derby and further afield.  She is a great asset to Allenton Dental and her patients will surely agree when I say she is dedicated, professional and a patient dentist who finds it easy to go through the different options that are available to our patients; and tailor a treatment plan suited specifically to that person which is best for them.

If you are a patient of Sarah’s and are due a check up then please contact us for an appointment as she is getting booked quite rapidly. If you are not a patient but would like to see a female dentist then contact at us at Allenton Dental on 01332 700244

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