Derbyshire Dental Practice; Allenton Dental have refresher course on CPR and basic life support

In the profession of dentistry it is vital to update our knowledge continually and this is called Continued Professional Development. There are several subjects that are core aspects of our teams’ development and one of the most important of these core subjects is first aid training. All members  of staff from dentists, dental nurses and receptionists at Allenton dental has yearly updates on their first aid training as we feel it is vital that all areas of the practice are covered to ensure the safety of our patients should the worst happen.

We have the training in surgery so we can practice different scenarios that could occur to ensure we are ready to tackle any situation, from a fall to a collapse. We have a qualified first aid trainer to answer questions and guide our team through the different capabilities needed to ensure the best treatment is achieved. We spent plenty of time during the training practising our CPR method, gaining tips and advice on what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest; until the emergency services arrive. We are quite lucky at Allenton dental as we have oxygen machines located in all the surgeries which can increase the chance of survival to cardiac arrest significantly.

As a dental practice we were asked to discuss the major risks factors in carrying out dental work. We came up with several options and the one that stood out was the risk of choking. This is a real concern and so our first aid trainer went through the different things that are required in the case of choking. Again we are lucky to have equipment that would not be available in the public such as the aspirators that we use to suck things out of the mouth. We have never had a choking incident and we hope never to be in that situation but if it did occur we are all prepared.

If you would like more information on what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest, visit the British Heart Foundation website.

To get a real picture of our first aid training we have included some photos –

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