Dental Occlusion > Sanjoy Rakshit of Allenton Dental travels to Vienna for occlusion course

At Allenton Dental, furthering our education and knowledge is vital to maintain and improve the standard of dentistry we provide. This is why Mr Rakshit is off on another prestigious course in Vienna. This time he will be learning even more about function and occlusion. Having had many patients at Allenton Dental who have had problems with their jaw or teeth grinding habit, he feels it is vital to ensure his knowledge of occlusion is outstanding to prevent further problems.

He is visiting Vienna to see Professor Rudolf Slavicek who is the head of the Centre of Interdisciplinary Dentistry at Danube University in Krems, Austria. His research into occlusion and function has led to Professor Slavicek being described as the ‘Pope of dentistry’.  His vast work is very complicated to the untrained mind, however Mr Rakshit has done several courses on the mastication organ and the function and malfunction which can occur. Mr Rakshit will be learning more about the effect that occlusion has on speech, facial aesthetics and posture which are vital when conducting any form of dentistry.

At Allenton Dental we are very interested in helping people who suffer the problems that occur with missing teeth by improving all the functions mentioned above with the placement of implants and other forms of treatment. It can make a huge difference to quality of life. So if you suffer from problems associated such as grinding, jaw clicks or difficulty chewing and would like to discuss treatment options with Mr Rakshit then please contact us on 01332 700244.

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