Go Wireless at Allenton Dental – Derby

Here at Allenton Dental in Derby we can offer the tooth correction system Clear Aligner. It involves wearing a clear splint which will need to be remade several times during the treatment as your teeth start to straighten.

It is a great way of straightening your teeth with minimal intrusion. It is smooth and comfortable and can be removed at any time which is great for meal times and keeping your teeth clean as there are no brackets or wires that get in the way!

The Clear Aligner is made out of a clear transparent material allowing a good and confident feeling, making you and other people unaware of its presence. The splints are individually fabricated here at Allenton Dental.

The treatment leads to optimum and precise results in a short time.

Allenton Dental are currently offering free initial consultations for Clear Aligners. If you are interesting in discovering what we can do to improve your smile contact us on 01332 700244

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