Allenton Dental; Derby – Root Canal Treatment

Root canal is one of the treatments we suggest when patients come in with an abscess around their tooth. An abscess or swelling around the gum can become very painful. They are usually caused by excessive decay around the tooth which has reached the nerve or by some sort of injury or knock to the jaw. The reason for an abscess is when the root becomes infected. This happens when bacteria collects in the root and causes it to swell and eventually die. The pain from an abscess can be unbearable so when a patient comes in with this symptom, action should be taken immediately. In some cases people prefer to have the tooth out but we recommend to our patients to attempt to keep all their natural teeth and the way to do this and avoid extraction is root canal treatment. We often begin treatment with a course of antibiotics to kill off any infection and reduce pain as this is a major factor when deciding which treatment is best.

Underneath your tooth’s outer enamel and within the dentine is an area of soft tissue called the pulp. This contains the tooth’s nerves, lymph and blood vessels. Root canal treatment is simply a way of describing the removal of all bacteria from the root which can then be filled and sealed. At this point the tooth can either be filled or a crown can be placed. Root canal treatment can relieve pain and prevent the root becoming infected again. It is also a good way of avoiding an extraction. Missing teeth can end up becoming more expensive to replace with dental bridges or implants, so having root canal treatment can be cheaper treatment in the long run.

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