Why are diagnostic wax-up’s important before cosmetic treatment?

At Allenton Dental we aim to achieve high standards through all our work, this is why when we carry out cosmetic work we want our patients to extremely satisfied with the results cosmetically and functionally. We want our work to be predictable and this is why we tend to do a wax up before proceeding into the mouth.

A wax up is basically a three dimensional model of the mouth which is taken from impressions making it exact. This enables the dentist to see what work needs to be done and what it will look like. This is the only way to achieve the best results.  The dentist can take his time on the wax up ensuring that the work looks aesthetically pleasing.

Obviously aesthetics is vastly important in cosmetic work but the function is just as important and this is where the wax up is most important for the dentist to be able to place things like veneers and crowns without affecting the way the patient bites together.

Another use of the wax up is to make temporary veneers/crowns or bridges which will match perfectly to the final product so the patient can decide if they are happy with the look and feel of their new teeth before they go ahead with the final product. If they are happy the wax up can be sent off and the final product returned.

In short the wax up can be beneficial to both dentist and patient for the following reasons –

  • To diagnose potential problems
  • To identify the solutions
  • To design tooth shapes and arch forms before treating a tooth
  • To diagnose if and how worn teeth can be rebuilt
  • To explain to the patient what can be achieved
  • To fabricate a matrix from the wax-up that will be used as a mould for the next step of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry: the provisional restorations

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