Derby Dentist: Allenton Dental – Information Governance

At Allenton Dental there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to run a practice smoothly and our receptionists have been working extremely hard to complete the information governance tool kit. This is an online system which assesses our knowledge and implementation of safeguarding and appropriate use of corporate, patient and their personal information. It is a very large, time consuming document which measures against the information governance requirements.

There are four aims in the information governance tool kit and they are, to support the provision of high quality care by promoting the effective and appropriate use of information, To encourage responsible staff to work closely together, preventing duplication of effort and enabling more efficient use of resources, To develop support arrangements and provide staff with appropriate tools and support to enable them to discharge their responsibilities to consistently high standards and to enable organisations to understand their own performance and manage improvement in a systematic and effective way.

After completing this tool kit, we feel we are in an even better position to offer the best dental care possible with the confidentiality that is necessary. It is vital for us to keep up to date with the ever changing regulations that come with running a dental practice and being able to self assess in this way encourages our staff to work together to achieve the four aims mentioned above.

Confidentiality plays a large role within our dental practice, it is one of our major concerns we have and so we do our utmost to protect our patient’s privacy in regard to all their information given verbally or recorded on file. Our staff are given full training on data protection and the kind of document we have completed is like a refresher course that gives us ideas of how to continue to provide the best protection.

You can check our progress on the connecting for health website where there is an up to date report of the work we have done. If you have any queries about the information governance tool kit or you would like information on confidentiality with dental care then please feel free to contact us on 01332 700244.

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