Gemma passes NEBDN certificate in Dental Radiography: Allenton Dental

We are very pleased here at Allenton Dental to announce that Gemma, one of the dental nurses, has recently passes the NEBDN certificate in Dental Radiography. Gemma is delighted as it something she has worked very hard for. The training, Study and exam are very intense and by no means easy and doing it whilst working full time was a juggling act for her.

The course consisted of Gemma attending long Eaton health centre on a Friday, to learn all about radiographs and the rules and regulations that apply when taking them. Gemma also had to create a portfolio of different radiographs, and case studies, that she had to take under the supervision of dentists. Once the portfolio was completed, it was submitted to the examining board and then Gemma was entered in for the exam, which she sat in December.

This qualification means that Gemma can now take dental x-rays prescribed by the dentist and we would like to congratulate her on passing the exam!

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