Mr Rakshit visits Geneva again

Mr Rakshit visits Geneva to learn about new techniques in posterior composites

At Allenton Dental, advancing our knowledge is vital to maintain and improve the standard of dentistry we provide. This is why Mr Rakshit went off on his travels again this time to Geneva with Didier Dietschi, one of the most eminent dentists in this field. Mr Rakshit really enjoyed his time.

This was a 3 day course with Didier Dietschi where he progressed on his knowledge and gained new techniques in composite (white) fillings focusing on the teeth set further back in the mouth – the premolars and molars. Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures so Mr Rakshit felt it was important to improve on his knowledge to give our patients the best outcome of their treatment.

At Allenton Dental we are very interested in offering our patients the very best in treatment. It can make a huge difference not just to the appearance of your teeth, but also the quality.

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