Allenton Dental – Let this Christmas be a white one!!

Do you want the perfect white smile in time for the Christmas party season? Derby Dentist, Allenton Dental know how important the perfect smile is, and a bright smile can make you look and feel younger, as teeth naturally darken with age. Our modern Derby Dental Practice has several whitening systems available including, Zoom one hour whitening, Enlighten and a 2 week tray system. We also have a fantastic Christmas promotion on the Enlighten system with £100 off our current price until the New Year!


Zoom is an in-office dental whitening treatment that involves a strong bleaching agent that is applied to teeth. The whitening procedure takes around one hour and your teeth can be up to 10 shades lighter by the end of the appointment!


Enlighten is a combination treatment of a 14 night home tray system in the comfort of your own home, followed by an in office one hour final stage on the 15th day. Enlighten is the only tooth whitening system to guarantee vita shade B1! The big advantage of Enlighten is the tray system, if your feel your teeth are becoming darker (due to coffee, red wine etc..) after having the initial whitening, you can purchase top up gel from Allenton Dental at a fraction of the cost of paying for the complete whitening procedure again!

 2 Week Tray system

With this system custom whitening trays are made for you and involves daily wear for a minimum of 2 hours per day, applying a small amount of the whitening gel in to the specialised trays. The big advantage of this system is control, when you are happy with the whiteness of your teeth you simply stop! Keep hold of the custom trays and you can top up as and when you feel necessary by purchasing more gel at the practice.

 Why don’t you treat yourself to a white smile this Christmas! Allenton Dental are also offering free consultations on tooth whitening as well as implants, veneers, braces and  Turbyfill dentures. Contact our reception today to see how we can improve your smile 01332 700244

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