Componeers; An affordable way to improve your smile!

Do you suffer from minor cracks or chips to your teeth that affect your smile?

At Allenton Dental we offer a wide range of services that can improve the appearance of your teeth. We are one of a few dental practices in Derby that have componeers available.  These veneers are a less intrusive way of covering one or several teeth and creating the perfect smile at a lower cost!

Componeers can be used to cover damaged, crooked, or stained teeth and can also be used as an alternative to orthodontics to close up small gaps in the mouth.  To complete a componeer, the dentist will check the condition of the front teeth and discuss options in regard to the shape and shade which suits the individual. When both patient and dentist are happy with the outcome the next stage is to prepare the tooth for veneering which is very minimal due to tooth enamel shells which we use being very thin. The final stage is to place the componeer into the correct position and then sculpt it into the desired shape by our experienced and skilled dentists.

There are several benefits to choosing componeer over other treatments. For instance the porcelain veneers that many people tend to think of when enquiring about cosmetic dentistry are much more destructive to the tooth structure than componeer. There is a lot less drilling necessary with a componeer as the material is moulded specifically to the tooth and bonded directly on rather than being made in the laboratory. This also enables us to complete the treatment in one visit and in the unlikely event of our patients being unhappy with their treatment; it can be rectified in surgery without having to wait for the veneer to be replaced at another source. They are also much more cost effective than porcelain veneers leaving money spare to possibly have tooth whitening which Allenton Dental can also provide.

This procedure is not available at many practices due to the dedication and skill needed to complete it. At Allenton Dental, our dentists have completed several courses on componeer and have completed many cases in surgery with fantastic results. There is a certain artistic element required when sculpting the veneers onto the tooth and this is available to see in our portfolio of before and after photographs from patients’ young and old which we are happy to display to illustrate the great results we are capable of achieving.

This technique can change the life of people who are on a limited budget and are worried about the appearance of their teeth!

If you feel you suffer from any of the problems mentioned above then please feel free to contact Allenton Dental on 01332 700244 for  further information or a consultation with one of our  derby dentists.

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