Get a whiter smile for summer at Allenton Dental; Derby!

At Allenton Dental we know how important a nice smile is to our patients and we endeavour to offer the best treatments to achieve this. We offer the best whitening system available called ‘Enlighten’.  This is a two week whitening system where we have special trays made for patients to take home and use over night. The results are incredible, all our patients have been delighted with the results, even the nurses at Allenton Dental have had the ‘enlighten’ whitening system and have been thrilled with their sparkly white teeth.At Allenton dental, we like to give our patients good value on their cosmetic treatments and with the summer approaching and people jetting off on holiday, we know that white teeth go hand in hand with a nice tan so we have decided to reduce the cost of our whitening by £100. For patients who are members of our pay monthly plan, they will still receive the 20% off their treatment plus the extra £100 reduction.

If you would like to discuss whitening options at Allenton Dental then please feel free to arrange a consultation with one of our dentists on 01332 700244.


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