Teeth Whitening – Allenton Dental Cosmetic Dentist

Tooth whitening is the easiest and most cost effective way of enhancing your smile. It lightens the natural colour of your teeth through a bleaching process, without removing any of the surface. Tooth whitening can remove staining caused by eating, drinking and smoking. Whitening teeth can make you look younger as teeth naturally darken with age! At Allenton Dental in Derby we provide 3 different methods of tooth whitening.

Enlighten is the latest system that we have at Allenton Dental. It is an at home system where you wear the bleaching trays either during the night or for so many hours for a period of 14 days, on the 15th day you have a 1 hour power whitening session at the practice. It is a popular system and has great results.

Zoom is an in house system where your teeth can be whitened within an hour. We usually only recommend this if someone needs their teeth whitening as soon as possible i.e for a wedding. It is also recommended that you follow this process with the at home system although the initial results are good.

Here at Allenton Dental we have the facilities to make our own whitening trays. So we can provide a more cost effective and convenient system. It is an at home system very similar to the Enlighten and is very popular with our patients and also has very good results.

We are currently offering free initial whitening consultations, if you want a confident white smile ready for the summer contact our reception team on 01332 700244

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