Whitening Services at Allenton Dental, Derby

Allenton Dental Whitening procedures!

White teeth can make you look younger, as teeth naturally darken as you age. It is normal for some people’s teeth to be more yellow or darker than others, even when they are quite healthy. They can also become discoloured if their roots have been damaged or diseased and the ‘nerve’ has ‘died’.

Teeth Whitening treatments will improve the appearance of your teeth without removing any of the natural tooth surface. It is a better option than a crown or dental Veneers if you want to lighten the colour of healthy teeth, as the placing of crowns and veneers involves changing the shape of the tooth.

A shade guide is used to identify the original colour of your teeth which allows you to compare this with the colour of your teeth on completion of your treatment.

Allenton Dental in derby, Teeth whitening options include our home whitening kits (which we will show you how to use), Zoom one hour instant whitening at our surgery as well as internal whitening for damaged teeth.

 Enlighten Whitening

 Enlighten Whitening is an in-office tooth whitening procedure designed to lighten the colour of your teeth using combination of a carbamide peroxide gel at home and hydrogen peroxide gel in the surgery.

The home stage lasts for two weeks with the trays being worn every night. The trays are very well designed and individually fitted to ensure maximum comfort of use. The home stage gently prepares the tooth enamel so that the surgery stage can give a deep whitening that will give long term predictable results. The surgery stage takes place at Allenton Dental Practice in Derby on the fifteenth day and lasts for one hour. The stronger surgery gel completes the process and gives stunning results.

During the procedure the gel will be applied to the front surfaces of your teeth for a maximum of three 20 minute sessions. You would also be required to complete a consent form available from our reception prior to your treatment commencing.

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