Allenton Dental; Derby, Educating patients on how high sugar content can be very damaging to teeth

At Allenton Dental we are a great believer in preventative dentistry and to be able to do this we like to encourage our patients to learn about the ways to keep their own teeth in the best health without the dentist’s intervention.

The best form of dentistry is no dentistry so we encourage all our patients of the best techniques to keep their teeth clean, the best things to use and what to avoid in terms of food and drinks. We like to encourage people of all ages to understand which foods to cut down on and which foods to avoid completely. The obvious things to avoid or at least consume in moderation are sweets and fizzy drinks as they contain a large quantity of sugar which can be harmful to teeth. However there are other foods that contain sugar that you wouldn’t necessarily be aware of such as yoghurt which can contain four teaspoons of sugar. Even crisps can contain sugar so it is always wise to check the nutrition instructions on the back of the packet. As for adults consuming alcohol, you could be surprised to know that a pint of cider can contain up to five teaspoons of sugar, making a night out quite hazardous to your teeth!

Every time you eat something the PH level in your mouth reduces which means the acid in your mouth is higher which creates the ideal environment for bacteria to attack teeth so it is wise to reduce snacking to a minimum, having treats such as sweets is advised straight after a meal to reduce the frequency of acid attack. The one thing that helps buffer the attack is the saliva in the mouth which helps balance the ph so it is advisable to chew sugar free gum directly after a meal to increase the saliva flow and reduce the acid.

Another important aspect of teeth maintenance is when to brush. The common theory and what most people do is brush after meals which can be quite harmful for the teeth; when the acid levels are high, the enamel becomes soft so at this point brushing can cause wear and abrasion cavities. It is wiser to brush the teeth before meals if possible or to wait at least an hour after a meal to brush.

At Allenton Dental, we spend a great deal of time going through these different things and offering tips and advice to our patients in more detail so if you would like further information on sugar contents, nutritional advice or if you have other dental concerns, please feel free to contact Allenton Dental on 01332 700244.

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