Allenton Dental Payment Plans

Are you looking for a new dentist and concerned about the costs?   At Allenton Dental we offer our patients different payment options. We call these our plans.

 Our 1st membership plan is £12.25 a month and for this you get your two routine examinations with a scale and polish (clean), routine bitewing x-rays. With this plan it includes up to 20% off any further treatment such as fillings.

The 2nd plan is where you pay £35 a year to register with us for the year and you pay full price for examinations and any further treatment that you may require.  With this plan the examinations cost £30 and routine scale and polishes £43.75

We always explain our treatment plans and costs to our patients in detail and we are always happy to talk through with you any treatment or dental questions that you may have.

If you would like more details or would like a patient information pack contact us on 01332 700 244.

At Allenton Dental we are happy to help.

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