Dental Care – Toothbrush Maintenance

Taking care of your teeth begins at home where coming to the dentist helps you maintain this.

One of the most important instruments for caring for your teeth and keeping your teeth clean is your toothbrush. We all have our preferences on what sort of toothbrush we use either manual or electric, we advise that our patients use electric toothbrushes as it takes out the amount of force or “scrubbing” required.

Not only is it important to keep your mouth clean but it is important to keep your toothbrush clean also. Although your toothbrush might look clean there can be hidden bacteria and germs that you can’t see breeding and growing on the head of your toothbrush.

After every time you brush your teeth you should rinse the toothbrush under the tap and shake vigorously to remove any excess water. Its best that your toothbrush is kept upright or standing and that the head is kept away from other toothbrushes and away from the toilet something like a toothbrush holder with reasonable spaces is normally advised.

We advise that you change your toothbrush or your toothbrush head regularly and after any cold or flu that you may have had as the germs could still be living on the toothbrush head. Toothbrushes/heads  need changing regularly so that you can get the most out of your toothbrush, the signs of when your toothbrush or head needs changing is when you notice the bristles are becoming splayed out or the head becomes discoloured. You should always change your toothbrush/head every 3 months advisably.

During your routine check-up you might be advised other instruments to maintain your oral hygiene such as an Interspace brush and Floss it will be explained why you need to use these and shown how to use them in order to keep your teeth clean and to help towards preventing any problems in the future.

If you have any questions or would like any advice then please ask your dentist when you visit us.

A clean smile is a happy smile.

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