Dental Implants at Derby Dentist; Allenton Dental

At Allenton Dental we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the most current treatments and techniques. One of the most important progressions in dentistry is the use of implants.  They are vital when it comes to replacing missing teeth permanently. Implants are a great way to rejuvenate your smile completely having great benefits, for example if you have several teeth missing, they can be used to hold dentures in place to secure a good fit and complete a ‘gappy’ smile.

People lose teeth on a regular basis whether through trauma, decay, old age or gum disease. An implant is a perfect way of replacing the missing tooth and filling the gap. The actual implant is an artificial metal rod usually made from titanium which is implanted into the patients jaw. It is then left for several months so that the bone and the implant can integrate and become one firm unit. After this stage the implant can then be crowned to form a full tooth.

The Principal dentist at Allenton Dental, Sanjoy Rakshit, has travelled as far as Hong Kong to attend the best courses on implants to ensure our patients get the newest and best implants that are available. We are now able to complete implant retained dentures which has been a great help to our patients who have loose or ill fitting dentures. Losing your teeth leads to bone loss which continues over time. If a substantial amount of bone loss occurs, the lower jawbone may not be able to support a denture. Inserting two implants into the lower jawbone provides support for the new denture and in effect enabling the patient to function correctly with a new set of teeth and new lease of life. Similar problems can occur with the upper set of dentures which can sometimes make the patient gag as they tend to cover the full palate. Having upper implants allows the denture size to be reduced which can reduce gagging completely.

 We are currently offering free consultations for patients who are looking to have implant so if you would like further information on implants or implant retained dentures them please feel free to contact Allenton Dental on 01332 700244.

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