Do you feel you suffer from bad breath?

Do you suffer from bad breath? There are several reasons that people have an odour coming from their mouths and there are many ways to combat it. If your bad breath is constant, this could be an indication that plaque is building up on the teeth or that food could be trapping in between. Plaque that remains around the teeth can cause gum disease and dental decay so it is vital to have regular check-ups so that if there are any problems with brushing techniques, it can be diagnosed and rectified with an oral hygiene instruction session. This is where the dentist will show you how is best to keep your teeth clean. They will give you advice on the best instruments to use to ensure that after every brushing session all the plaque is removed.

Bad breath can also be a sign of medical problems such as dry mouth (xerostomia) which is a condition that affects saliva flow, causing bacteria to accumulate in the mouth and let off an odour. Dry mouth can be due to having problems with the salivary glands or can be due to something as simple as breathing more through the mouth than nose. Older people tend to suffer with dry mouth purely because they create less saliva. Depending on the reason and severity of the dry mouth, your dentist will recommend the best course of treatment, whether this be drinking more, chewing sugar free gum or wearing a mouth guard whilst asleep. If the case is more advanced than this then the dentist may prescribe you a saliva stimulant or substitute.

Of course bad breath can be preventable especially if the cause is due to lifestyle such as the food we consume or if you smoke.  Chewing gum or using mouth wash can reduce the odour after food or even a quick brush with toothpaste can lessen the smell. These sorts of factors are of course temporary and will reduce on their own in a few hours.

If you suffer from bad breath or are concerned about mouth odour please feel free to contact Allenton Dental for advice on 01332 700244

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