Do you suffer from loose teeth or have you recently lost a tooth?

At Allenton Dental we have been using a technique that has proved vital to many of our patients called splinting. This is where the dentist uses fibre strips to splint a loose tooth to the adjacent teeth to give it strength and make it more stable. This can also be used to splint a lost tooth to the adjacent teeth to make a bridge with the patient’s original tooth. This can be a temporary measure whilst waiting for a permanent  dental bridge to arrive or whilst waiting for other treatment such as an implant. Splinting of teeth can sometimes be a permanent way of filling a gap depending on the place of the gap in the mouth.

The way in which a splint works is by using a bonding agent applied to a fibre meshwork made up by the dentist which is then placed in the mouth and bonded to the patients other teeth. The next stage is to place composite material (white filling) over the mesh to create a tooth like appearance which is soft to the tongue and invisible to look at. This sounds a simple procedure but takes immense expertise to get it right.

As a temporary measure the results can be substantial. If a patient was to take a knock to the teeth causing it to become mobile, it can be very difficult to eat as every movement can become painful, a splint can reduce the movement of the tooth completely and in effect saving the patient from pain of chewing and also saving the tooth from becoming completely loose and falling out or being extracted. The tooth will eventually firm up if it has been held in tightly and it will be as if it was never loose before.

As a permanent measure using the patient’s own tooth to splint to the adjacent teeth has several advantages. The cost is a lot lower than it would be to make an entirely new bridge or implant to fill the gap. It is always more appeasing aesthetically as well as there will literally be no change in the patients smile so no one need know the tooth has ever been lost as this procedure can be done in one visit.

At Allenton Dental we pride ourselves on constantly improving our knowledge and techniques and here is a prime example of our dentists learning new techniques to offer you new and better treatment.

If you are suffering from pain when chewing due to mobile teeth or you would like any more information on teeth splinting then please feel free to contact us for more information on 01332 700244.

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