White Fillings at Derby Dental Practice; Allenton Dental

At Allenton Dental we aim to provide the best treatment we possibly can. One of the most common treatments we provide is fillings and as people become more aware of their appearance, we know that white fillings are more popular for cosmetic reasons. Our dentists want to ensure the best quality available and have been trained to use a variety of materials to create an invisible filling

The main advantages of having a white filling are that they are more aesthetically pleasing than amalgam fillings as the composite can blend in with the rest of the tooth. This is the most obvious advantage however there are several more benefits to choosing composite.  Since the composite is bonded directly to the tooth, this saves a large amount of tooth structure as less drilling is required when preparing the tooth to be filled.

There are several different composite systems available. We currently use Mirus composite which is an innovative restorative system providing the patient with the best invisible fillings throughout the mouth. This technique can take a little longer than the standard filling, but the results are outstanding. The shade guide inside the Mirus kit is vast compared to most kits, ensuring that the shade matches the rest of the teeth perfectly!

The procedure for a composite filling is very similar to the amalgam version. The dentist will give you an anesthetic to numb the area; then proceed in placing rubber dam over the tooth to keep the area completely dry. They will then use a small drill to remove decay ensuring that the tooth is completely free of decay or cracks. The tooth is dried and then etched with a mild acid; this roughens the tooth surface enough to ensure the composite material bonds to the tooth in the same way that a bonding agent used after to ensure the composite adheres. The composite is then placed, using a layering technique, into the cavity and shaped as needed.  The dental nurse will then shine a ultraviolet light inside your mouth which activates and hardens the composite instantly. Finally, the dentist will trim and polish the filling until it achieves the desired finish.

We have a large portfolio which contains before and after photographs of patients who have had composite fillings which show the outstanding results our dentists can achieve.  On many occasion our patients find it difficult to tell their tooth apart from the filling. We also have patients who have had their amalgam fillings replaced with composite and are very happy with the immediate results that are achieved!

If you are considering replacing your amalgam fillings with composite or would like further information then contact Allenton Dental on 01332 700244 to find out how the Derby Dentist can improve your smile!

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