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Dr Sanjoy Rakshit, principal dentist at Allenton Dental in Derby is one of the first dentists in the UK to receive training in a revolutionary technique called Turbyfill Dentures. Developed in the United States by renowned prosthodontist specialist, Dr Jack Turbyfill, these dentures are far more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than the traditional type.

Turbyfill dentures are configured to accommodate the loss of bone and tissue that often occurs when a person loses their teeth. Overall aesthetics and occlusion are also carefully balanced with the result that the dentures are incredibly comfortable. Whilst dental implants are becoming increasingly popular, Turbyfill dentures now offer an alternative solution for those who cannot afford or may not be suitable for the implant process.

The dentures are designed and constructed in a sequential process to ensure that the fit and function is absolutely correct - only by taking this level of care can Dr Rakshit ensure the correct comfort and functionality of the denture.

The first part of the process involves placing the artificial teeth in the optimal position - critical factors like the "bite" are carefully accounted for. The patient then wears training dentures for a short period of time that look and mimic the feel of the final product - this also gives Dr Rakshit time to make small but important adjustments to fit, feel and appearance. The final denture is only fitted when both Dr Rakshit and the patient are entirely happy.

By carefully copying the patient's mouth and using a thorough design, construction and testing process, Turbyfill Dentures offer the following key advantages:

  • far more comfortable than traditional dentures
  • much better aesthetics
  • very low slippage and irritation
  • much cheaper than dental implants

For comfortable dentures in Derby and the surrounding area, please contact the team at Allenton Dental and we will be pleased to assist you.

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